Révolution Concept Prefabricated Walls

Thermal insulation at its best

Révolution Concept walls
Révolution Concept walls

Innovation + Eco-Energy

Insulated – Waterproof

Révolution Concept walls are manufactured with care thanks to eco-friendly polyurethane foam. This material is made of recycled plastic, vegetable oil and soya. Once the urethane foam is injected into the Révolution Concept walls, water is added to expand the foam in a unique process that respects the environment.

The avant-garde technology in the Révolution Concept walls allows the foam to penetrate all parts, ensuring a perfect seal. This building component offers some great advantages to the industry!

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Since 1993, conceptmat has specialized
to perfection prefabricated wall production.
We have created a patented technology that
offers a high-performance Révolution Concept wall.


Many advantages

Révolution Concept Prefabricated Walls


Révolution concept

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the principal applications of polyurethane foam. Its thermal properties are more constant than mineral wool. The process used in the production of this material also gives it soundproofing properties.

Up to 20% superior
to mineral wool

Isolement Thermique


The Révolution Concept walls can score up to 44 points in the LEED® Canada system for residences, specifically in the innovation and design process (idp), energy and atmosphere (ea), and materials and resources (mr).

Analysis Report

A positive impact
with LEED® canada for homes

Wall Panels REVOLUTION CONCEPT of conceptMAT
can contribute for certification in LEED ® project.

Technical data

Thermal resistance table

The injected polyurethane insulation B500PIP/A100-4 forms a very low density, semi-rigid polyurethane foam with open cells, entirely expandable using water, and is used as thermal insulation in Révolution Concept walls.

Up to 20% superior insulation
compared to mineral wool

Superior quality soundproofing

Thermal Resistance Physical Properties

Interior Walls


  • Studded wall
  • Load-bearing wall
  • Partition walls
  • Fire walls

Advantages of wooden structure systems

  • System designed using software
  • Completely factory made in an environment entirely controlled



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